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Spectrum of the Seas

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Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas is the first Quantum Ultra class ship of the Royal Caribbean shipping company. It was built in 2019 and offers the features of the Quantum class in addition to many more. It has capacity for 4,200 passengers.This ship has been designed to satisfy the different preferences of each passenger, making it a perfect option for trips with your family, partner or friends.Spend days filled with adventure at the surfing wave pool, at the virtual reality attractions, at the water slides, or at the climbing wall.Spectrum of the Seas offers a variety of restaurants and bars for you to choose from different culinary options.Enjoy Broadway-style shows, work out at the gym or basketball court, spend a fun time at the casino or the arcade room, and dance the night away at the disco. If you want to relax, hang out by the pools and jacuzzies, or visit the Spa.Enjoy all this and more on board the Spectrum of the Seas.* It is highly recommended to purchase a beverage package to make your on-board experience even more enjoyable.

IMO: Year of construction: Year of remodeling: Tonnage: Registro:
9778856 2019 - 167800 t. -
Boat length: Total passenger capacity: Total crew: Total cabins: Total suites:
350 meters 4905 passengers 1300 crew 2095 cabins 125 suites
Total balconies: Total outside cabins: Total interior cabins:
1447 balconies 156 outdoor cabins 367 interior cabins


Attractions and activities

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

Spectrum of the Seas

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