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Carnival Legend

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Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend first took to the seas in 2002, it’s a sister ship to the Carnival Miracle, Pride and Spirit, which stand out for the big number of exterior cabins available. With an installed capacity for 2,124 passengers like all Carnival Fun Ships, it boasts a large variety of leisure and entertainment options on board.From sliding down a water slide, to relaxing in a jacuzzi, or simply enjoying a refreshing beverage while you sunbathe and enjoy the views… take your pick!Carnival Legend has spacious cabins, and restaurants with different international cuisines, that make this ship, along with all the different activities, ideal for an unforgettable family vacation.* Drinks included: water, coffee, and a selection of teas. These drinks can be found in the designated areas.It is highly recommended to purchase a beverage package to make your on-board experience even more enjoyable.

IMO: Year of construction: Year of remodeling: Tonnage: Registro:
9224726 2002 2018 85920 t. -
Boat length: Total passenger capacity: Total crew: Total cabins: Total suites:
293 meters 2680 passengers 930 crew 1062 cabins 50 suites
Total balconies: Total outside cabins: Total interior cabins:
632 balconies 103 outdoor cabins 277 interior cabins


Attractions and activities

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Sway the night away along to the rhythm of jazz.

Carnival Legend

This is one of the two main dining rooms onboard where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.

Carnival Legend

From comedy shows to karaoke, live music and much more; here you will enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options.

Carnival Legend

Enjoy yourself by playing a round of Cribbage, Euchre or Gin Rummy. Private tournaments for Bridge players are also held here.

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Services and amenities

Fitness Center

Concierge service

Conference room

Beauty Salon



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