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Park Royal Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Studio From 4,768 credits Midweek (4 nights)

Studio From 4,773 credits Weekend (3 nights)

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    Park Royal Mazatlán , Located in the Mazatlán marina, close to the International Convention Centre, this welcoming, intimate and serene hotel boasts beautiful rooms overlooking the ocean, a heated Infinity pool, 24-hour room service, spa, gym, specialty restaurants, sushi and snack bars. Thanks to its vast white sandy beaches Mazatlán is one of Mexico’s most alluring and inviting seaside destinations, with bars and restaurants; a beautiful golf course, including Plaza Gallerías shopping center. Head straight for the city’s old town and its glorious boardwalk, where you can view magic sunsets from bars and restaurants that still evoke the 1950s.

    Check-In: 15:00:00 hrs. Check-Out: 12:00:00 hrs.

    Address: Av. Sábalo Cerritos 3110, Cerritos, 82100 Mazatlán, Sin.

    Phone: +52 (669) 988 0324


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    Important Information
    • Billing Services: Guests who require a receipt for their stay must request one in writing prior to the last day of the month in which their reservation is paid.
    • Check-In: 3:00pm. If you believe that you will be late, you must notify the Help Desk and confirm that you will be honoring your reservation.
    • Currencies: Prices quoted in this statement are in US Dollars and are subject to currency variation.
    • Check-Out: 12pm. Check-outs after this time may be available, subject to availability and additional charges.
    • Front Desk Registration: Proof of age with valid identification corresponding to the name on the reservation must be presented at check-in.
    • Unit number: The room number indicated in the reservation confirmation may vary from the room assigned to you at the front desk.
    • Tax Policy: Local taxes and additional charges may vary or change without prior notice and must be paid at check in.
    • Invited Guests: Its important to notify the Club Help Desk to ensure that the reservation is registered with the property.
    • Pets: Pets are not permitted.
    • Name changes: A valid form of identification corresponding to the person named on the reservation must be presented.
    • View: Room assignments will be determined at the time of check-in. Views from the windows cannot be guaranteed.
    • Federal Taxes: Your stay is subject to a 3% per room, per day local tourism tax.
    • Unit type: The room number ultimately assigned to you will be determined at check-in and thus may vary from the number reported here.
    • Maximum Room Capacity: The maximum room capacity may not be exceeded.


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    Features StudioAmbassadorRoyal
    SofaRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday Royal Holiday
    Non Smoking RoomsRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Balcony Royal Holiday Royal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Separate Bedrooms Royal Holiday 12
    King Size Bed Royal Holiday Royal Holiday 1
    Double Bed Royal Holiday 22
    Queen Size Bed2 Royal Holiday Royal Holiday
    Extra BedsRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Kitchen Royal Holiday Royal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Microwave Royal Holiday Royal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Coffee MakerRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    IronRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    TVRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Ironing BoardRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Cable TVRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Alarm ClockRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Hair DryerRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Air ConditioningRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Safe Deposit BoxRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    TelephoneRoyal HolidayRoyal HolidayRoyal Holiday
    Maximum Occupancy
    Adults 246
    Max in privacy224
    Room distribution and size of bed may vary, however maximum capacity does not vary.
    There are STUDIOS for 2 people as maximum capacity. This particular unit only has 1 king size bed.
    • Boardwalk
    • Mujer Mazatleca Monument
    • The diver
    • The Mazatlán Cathedral
    • Golden Zone
    • Historic Downtown
    • Aquarium
    • Carnival (5 days before Ash Wednesday)
    • Banda Music
    • Ángela Peralta Theater

    Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

    It’s one of the friendliest destinations in Mexico’s Pacific Rivera. The weather is exceptional year round, tropical sub humid with an average temperature of 22°C from October to May and 29°C from June to September. Mazatlan proudly boasts more than 10 km of pristine beaches ideal to practice surf, scuba diving and sport fishing; as well as turquoise lagoons and the Malecón, the largest boardwalk in Latin America. Mazatlan, as a tourist destination, combines the sun and beach with the architectural beauty of Historic Downtown. Neoclassic and French baroque details and finishes add a touch of uniqueness from the rest of Mexican tourist destinations. The Historic downtown, better known as the Mexican Federal Government declared “Viejo Mazatlan” National heritage site in year 2001. The city is divided in two separate sections: “Viejo Mazatlán” or Historic Downtown, with cobbled streets full of markets, cafés, churches and plaza squares. Essential visits: Ángela Peralta Theater inaugurated in 1874 and the city’s Cathedral Basilica in Neo Gothic architectural style. The Golden Zone, which was developed in the sixties, boasts exclusive hotels, golf courses, Spas, nightclubs, boutiques, bars and restaurants serving exquisite signature cuisine. Local gastronomy is base on seafood specialties cooked in a thousand different ways. Sinaloa’s cuisine is praised throughout the country for its dishes prepared with ingredients unique to its coastline. Ceviche, seafood cocktails, Pescado Zarandeado, aguachile (a spicy version of ceviche typically made with shrimp), and chilorio are some of Sinaloa’s most popular dishes Do order the Sinaloa Style Roast Chicken, Tamales Barbones (filled with shrimp), Tacos Gobernador, Fish Machaca and smoked Marlin. This fish is also known as Swordfish; it's usually prepared and eaten with a local hot sauce and a squeeze of limejuice, or prepared as hash, pickled or as a taco filling. Few places in the world, mainly speaking of tourist destinations, are known to guarantee great taste and satisfaction to the palate as Mazatlán does.

    • Boardwalk
    • Mujer Mazatleca Monument
    • The diver
    • The Mazatlán Cathedral
    • Golden Zone
    • Historic Downtown
    • Aquarium
    • Carnival (5 days before Ash Wednesday)
    • Banda Music
    • Ángela Peralta Theater

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