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Welcome to the reward program we’ve created to pamper you. With Royal Holiday Rewards, you receive Rewards Credits, which are FREE Holiday Credits, to spend more nights, with more people in top destinations. Live it up!
How do you earn Rewards Credits? It’s easy!
your membership better, traveling to destinations with rewards
your membership fees on time
or pay on line
Start receiving your rewards!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Royal Holiday Rewards?

RHR is a no-cost, special compensation program awarding Members who take full advantage of their Membership and pay on time. With Royal Holiday Rewards you earn Credit Rewards, which are FREE Vacation Credits to stay more nights, with more people, during better seasons, and at better destinations.

2. How do I obtain Credit Rewards?

1. Booking at CR program affiliated destinations.

2. Being consecutively puntual with your monthly payments and Annual Fee will give you Credit Rewards each quarter and year.

3. Book and/or pay online.

3. How many Credit Rewards can I earn?

When booking:

You will receive 1 Credit Reward for every 30 Vacation Credits you use to reserve at a CR denominated destination.

It is important to mention that Credit Rewards are only obtainable as long as you make your booking with regular annual, accelerated, accumulated or additional Vacation Credits. Reserving online through our webpage will also give you Credit Rewards.

When paying:

Depending on the amount of your financing payment, every third month of on-time payments you will receive between 100 and 250 Credit Rewards. In addition, each 12th month of consecutive on-time payments you will receive between 1,000 and 1,500 Credit Rewards

4. What type of destinations are available to me with Credit Rewards?

Quite simply, each and every one of the club’s resorts.

5. Can I combine my Credit Rewards with my annual membership Vacation Credits?

Sure! Add them together to book other destinations, travel with more friends or family, during better seasons, or simply go to your favorite destinations more often.

6. Is it possible to complete or modify a booking with the Credit Rewards I receive for the same reservation?

No, they can only be used for future bookings.

7. If I use Credit Rewards to book a stay and then cancel, do I lose them?

In the case of a cancelled reservation, Rewards Credits obtained from that reservation are also automatically canceled. The Rewards Credits used to book the cancelled reservation are subject to same forfeiture rules as other Holiday Credits, based on the Club cancellation policy at the time of cancellation.

8. Can I transfer my Credit Rewards to someone else?

No, Credit Rewards are non-transferible. However, the membership holder can reserve a stay for friends or family with their Credit Rewards.

9. How long before i can use my Credit Rewards?
Once you have reserved, you can consult your Credit Rewards earned by checking +My Account+ one your later online.

When paying your monthly payment and/or Annual Fee, your Credit Reward information will be up and online the following day in +My Account+.

Once you have reserved, you can consult your Credit Rewards earned by checking My Account one your later online.

When paying your monthly payment and/or Annual Fee, your Credit Reward information will be up and online the following day in My Account .

10. How can I check my Credits Rewards?
Either by consulting+My Account+online or calling a Holiday Advisor.
Either by consulting My Account online or calling a Holiday Advisor.

11. How long are my Credit Rewards good for?

Credit Rewards are valid until December 31st of the second year after having obtained them.

12. Must I be current on all my payments to earn Credit Rewards?

Yes, you need to up-to-date on all your payments, including each monthly Membership payment, Annual Fee, monthly financing and any other Membership-related payment.

13. What happens if I fall behind on my monthly financing payments?

You will need to accumulate three (3) consecutive punctual payments to again obtain the benefits of Royal Holiday Rewards.

14. Will I obtain Credit Rewards if I cover all my late monthly payments?

Sorry, but no. To earn new Credit Rewards you must make three (3), consecutive on-time payments.

15. Can I exchange my Credit Rewards for cash?

No, Credit Rewards are only valid for booking stays. As such they cannot be exchanged for cash.

If you have questions, call your vacation advisor or write to
Terms and conditions will apply.