Villa Bejar Cuernavaca

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Villa Bejar Cuernavaca

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Villa Bejar Cuernavaca Treat your body and soul to a wonderful stay at Villa Bejar in Cuernavaca. Only an hour away from Mexico City, this luxurious arabian style hotel & SPA offers comfortable rooms with a minibar, ceiling fan, telephone, cable TV and room service from 7 am to midnight. There are two swimming pools, one heated and the other with cold water.

Other amenities such as a poolside snack bar, an open-air cafeteria, a restaurant serving international cuisine, and a bar with live music will allow you to have a wonderful relaxing time. While the kids enjoy a supervised club for children with video games, movies etc., you can enjoy the SPA Guinot Paris which offers sauna, steam room, hydromassage and an assortment of facial and body treatments.



(777) 10-10-000

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2 adults

2 children

Maximum Occupation: 4

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Attractions and activities

Cuernavaca, Morelos Cuernavaca is a resort city and capital of the state of Morelos 75 kilometers (50 miles) south of Mexico City. Its near perfect climate has attracted vacationers since the days of the Aztec emperors.

Long before the first Spanish galleons landed on Mexico's sandy beaches back in 1521, the Aztec ruling class was using Cuernavaca as their vacation resort town of choice. As you enter the city from the north at about 6000 feet altitude the temperature is fresh, but it gets increasingly warmer as you descend to the southern exit at about 4500 feet. The numerous hills and ravines provide for several microclimates within the city. New World explorer Hernan Cortes liked Cuernavaca so much that he left Mexico City to the viceroys and built his own palace there. The Palacio de Cortes is one of the most significant sights to see in Cuernavaca.

Today it is a regional history museum called the Cuahnahuac Museum. The sparkling gem of this palace is the series of murals by Diego Rivera that fill the palace's back balcony. The Cuernavaca Cathedral complex is simply spectacular. It includes a series of Japanese frescoes from the 17th century and its got magnificent courtyards and belfries. The Jardin Borda is a beautiful downtown garden, which later would be, come the Emperor Maximilian’s "summer palace". Not too far from Cuernavaca is The Tepozteco Pyramid, the large, well developed Aztec city of Xochicalco and the spectacular caverns called Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.

When you visit Cuernavaca, you will undoubtedly be impressed by its flowers before you get any sense of its history. Geraniums reach to rooftops; fuchsia and red and coral bougainvillea grows wild. The bluish-lavender jacaranda and flaming Poinciana tint the air with color. Beyond the city are groves of banana trees, mangoes, guavas, limes and oranges. If you don't fall in love with Cuernavaca, you'll at least understand why so many people throughout history have been so attached to this place.

  • Palace of Cortés
  • Borda Gardens
  • Cuernavaca Cathedral
  • Robert Brady Museum
  • Cuauhnahuac Museum
  • Diego Rivera Murals at the Palace of Cortés
  • Las Mañanitas Hotel
  • Capilla de San José
  • Zoofari
  • Xochicalco Archeological Site
  • Cacahuamilpa Caverns

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