Citadines Trafalgar Square London

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Citadines Trafalgar Square London

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London, capital of England and the United Kingdom, was founded around the year 43 by the Romans with the name of Londinium and is a totally spectacular city.

Located on the banks of the River Thames, it combines history with the avant-garde. To travel to the past you can admire countless centenary monuments such as the Tower of London, a splendid castle that began its construction in 1066; the Abbey of Westminster, built in 1045; and the Cathedral of San Pablo, built in 1676, among many other monuments. You can also find the latest trends in fashion and haute couture, music, painting, theater and entertainment. The must-sees are Piccadilly Circus, the London Soho, the London Eye, the surprising Tate Modern Museum and Hyde Park, one of the city's royal parks, a favorite of Londoners for a stroll.

London is also an example of diversity, although English is the official language, more than 300 different languages ​​are spoken and millions of people of all races coexist daily accepting their differences. It is this cultural wealth that makes London a lively and creative city. Visitors will enjoy hundreds of themed pubs and bars, dozens of theaters, parks and squares with ample green spaces, markets such as Covent Garden, nightlife and luxury shops such as Harrod's.



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Attractions and activities

La Casa del Parlamento, Tower Bridge, Palacio de Buckingham, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, La Torre de Londres, El Museo Británico, Galería Tate de Arte Moderno, National Gallery, Museo Victoria & Albert, Chinatown, Cambio de Guardia en Buckingham, Jardín Covent, Piccadilly Circus, Catedral de San Pablo, Abadía de Westminster

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