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Icon of the Seas

Experience the newly renovated Icon of the Seas with your family and enjoy the biggest water park and pools on the ocean with Royal Caribbean. Exploring the wonders of the sea with your family can be a wonderful bonding moment where you’ll be able to take part in fun activities and different environments found on the boat.


The great remodel of the Icon of the Seas has been applied not only to elevate the category of the cruise but also to improve the quality of the experience for all its guests. On the eighth floor of this cruise, you’ll find the infinity pool floating on the horizon. Enjoy a surf adventure in Surfside and let the kids have fun in the water park. If you want to relax and have some time to yourself, spend a day in the adults-only pool and try some of the greatest snacks and meals on the cruise. It is also important to introduce the 40 different gastronomic offerings that you’ll find in the cruise, each providing your palate with a unique taste experience.


Discover the comfortable experience every member of the family will have in the cabins. On a cruise, it is important to have your own space but also have access to the great common areas of the ship.


Regardless of the activities you want to be a part of, being on board the Icon of the Seas is an exciting experience that you can’t miss. Take advantage of the 24-hour room service as well as cabin attendants and make every second of this adventure worth it.




Choose the type of day you want to have on the boat with any of the seven pools of the Icon of the Seas. If you feel adventurous, visiting Royal Bay, the biggest pool on a cruise, will be a fun experience, or enjoy spending a day in Category 6, the greatest water park that operates at sea.


On this cruise, you cannot miss the amazing night activities. From dancing with your partner to the incredible rhythms of two baby grand pianos in Dueling Pianos to playing pool or some of the classic games in the arcade video game room. This cruise ship also offers Broadway-style theatre productions, as well as children's plays that every member of the family will love.


Be ready to be astounded by the incredible use of technology with the spectacles of AquaDome and Absolute Zero, where you’ll experience a new way of seeing a show. 


If you like adrenaline, conquer the Crown's Edge, an obstacle course where you’ll walk on what seems to be a ground that could break at any moment, leaving you hanging over the ocean.


This cruise will have something for you regardless of your travel preferences or the mood you are in for the trip. Find the live music on the cruise and enjoy the different music styles presented, including Caribbean music and a DJ.


Going on a cruise is a unique experience where you’ll be able to connect with the ocean and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views!

IMO: Year of construction: Year of remodeling: Tonnage: Registro:
9829930 2023 - 250800 t. -
Boat length: Total passenger capacity: Total crew: Total cabins: Total suites:
365 meters 7600 passengers 2350 crew 2805 cabins 179 suites
Total balconies: Total outside cabins: Total interior cabins:
1815 balconies 276 outdoor cabins 535 interior cabins


Attractions and activities

Icon of the Seas

Icon of the Seas

Icon of the Seas

Icon of the Seas

Icon of the Seas

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